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Point of Sale Solution

Cloud powered integrated POS software from Corbis Soft helps to cater daily needs of any business flow model. It includes complete integration of Accounts, inventory, Purchase and Sales. Some of features are

⮚     POS (With Both Sale Purchase)
  • Purchase Posting Batch Wise
  • As per Purchase Cycle users can post batch wise purchases. The Purchase Department will Approve the Purchase Invoice accordingly.
  • Barcode Generator.
  • Once the Inventory in Purchased there could be two types of barcodes one is by default with the product, which will be registered in Inventory Registration form. For the Custom Barcode user can use our Software to generate barcodes and can attach them with their products.
  • Terminal Wise Sales.
    • We have designed a dedicated POS System for different counters. Users can monitor Counter wise Sales, Daily Closing etc.
  • Shift wise Opening Closing.
    • While starting shift users will enter Opening Cash at Counter. System will record all sales during this shift and at the end of the shift the user will enter available cash at the counter and will generate a closing This report will show Cash Access/Less based upon the user inputs and System calculations.
  • Barcode Scanning At POS
    • At Pos User will just scan the Products and system will auto fetch its rates available stock and if there is any discount or tax upon these products.
  • Discounts -Promo
    • Discounts are applicable while invoicing. Or User Can Also Set Promo Discounts on particular products system will apply those discounts at Detail wise records or at Full Invoice as well.
  • Inventory Integrated Solution to keep records of available Stock and Sold Stock.
  • Other Features
    • Terminal Wise Sales reports and daily Cash Book.
    • Available Stock list as per different go downs.
    • Complete Accounting System
    • Trial Balance
    • Balance Sheet
    • Account ledger
    • Account ledger with Quantity
    • Income Statement
    • Zone Wise Parties Balance
    • Balance Sheets
    • Aging Payable balance
    • Aging receivable Balance
    • Accounts book (Day book, Cash book, bank book).
  • Inventory

Corbis Default inventory system which is a four level inventory system. Users can manage store wise inventory and stock movement. This module has following main features,

  • Main Group where Users can define Raw/Packing/Imported etc.
  • Sub groups like Store Materials, Raw Materials macro/Micro, Finished etc.
  • Categories wise Product Registrations.
  • Brand Wise Products grouping.
  • Pack Wise Products Stock Reports.
  • Multiple Store handling for all Raw/Finish/Consumables Categories.
  • Reports
    • Pack Wise/Brand Wise Stock Reports.
    • Product
    • Stock Movement Reports.
    • Product wise Stock Consumption Reports.
    • Stock Adjustment-Opening Reports.
    • Cost Rate wise Stock Reports, etc.
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Cycle
  • Requisition: We Will Create Requisition and it will go for Approval.
  • Purchase Order: Once Requisition is Approved Purchase order will go for approval as well.
  • Inward Gate Pass: Once Purchase Order is Approved Deliveries Against their PO’s will be shown.
  • Purchase Invoice: The user will select all pending inwards and will post Purchase invoice Against them.
  • Other Features
  • Complete Records of Purchase cycles from Requisition to purchase Invoice.
  • Purchase directly at different go downs.
  • Taxation handling on both local and imported purchases.
  • International duties, Freight, document proof handling.
  • Bill wise Payment against any purchases.
    • Reports
  1. Purchase Register
  2. Item wise Purchase Detail
  3. Item wise Purchase Summary
  4. Party wise Purchase Detail
  5. Party wise Purchase Summary
  6. Purchase Payables.
  7. Pending Purchase Orders.
  8. Pending Purchase Bills.
  9. And other default reports which we have in our purchase section
  • Sales
  • Sales Invoice Terminal Wise.
  • Sales Return.
  • Reports
    • Sale Register.
    • Item wise Sale Detail
    • Item wise Sales Summary
    • Terminal wise Sales Detail
    • Terminal wise Sales Summary
    • Sales Return Register.
    • Invoices Summary.

These were the main modules which we are providing for any Point of Sale.


With Odoo's fully integrated modules, the investments' management is automatically reflected in our accounting module, which allows us to save time and gain transparency.

D. Lourtie CFO OF SRIW

The processing time for accounting documents prior to analysis is now reduced from 2 days to only 5 hours. Allowing us to focus on what matters: reporting and counseling.


A fully integrated solution that makes our accounting much more automated and accurate. This product have save lot of our time.Highly Recommended

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