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Pesticides Management Software with Sales policy, Salesman Management, Production, Packing & Financials

Hassle free Pesticides Business with Corbis Soft, Optimize pesticide usage, track inventory, ensure compliance, and enhance crop health with our intuitive software solution designed for modern agricultural efficiency

Features Overview

Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind off

Sales Policy

Sales Policy with Advance Booking, Secure Credit, Category Wise and item Group Wise

Sales Target

Different target for different Salesman can be defined so that it can calculate target achieved by Sales Person

Sales Recoveries

Payment could be received from different Farmers or Dealers depending on the area

Dealership Sales

Dynamics Provision of Handling Region, Zone and territory wise customers and salesman assginments

Salesman Expenses

Cater Salesman Expenses with supervisory control at Head Office approval with Analysis reports.


Batch Enabled Production Orders against Demand Orders with raw material consumption control


Approval Based Requests with Batch Wise Purchase, Full LC Control, PO, Inward and Invoice

Inventory Management

Multilevel Inventory Control for better recording, Multi Warehouse provision for distributed regions

Accounts & Finance

Streamline transactions, track expenses, generate reports, maintain effortlessly for smarter business

Get started your digitalization with Corbis Soft

Every features your needed to run your business under one platform, it's easy to start and fun to manage!

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